Wise Folder Hider Free - Reset password

This trick works with the Free version of Wise Folder Hider

There are things that should not be done by a prestigious Chinese company creating free and paid softwares such as Wise Registry Cleaner or Wise Care 365 : first, to propose a freeware called Wise Folder Hider, that serves to hide files or folders by means of a password, and then to force those who have forgotten the password either to do without the software and lose their hidden files or to buy the paid version of the software which has an additional function of encryption but which still costs a certain price.

A freeware is a freeware and it must be able to be reinstalled without having to pay

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I am not a computer specialist but, irritated by such an attitude, close to compulsory sale, I studied the issue and, using Regedit (Windows + R and typing "regedit"), I searched all the keys and subkeys (Edit/Find) containing the word WFH (Wise Foder Hider) and I deleted them.
Be careful, however, not to delete combinations that have nothing to do with WFH such as Windows Firewall Helper (often the name Wise Folder Hider is writed somewhere in WFH keys).
I also deleted (but I think it's useless) all the subkeys related to WFH in HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ NT \ CurrentVersion \ AppCompatFlags \ Compatibility Assistant \ Store

Victory! The result of this is that instead of having to type a password, after these deletions in Regedit, it is now proposed to create a password when I run the program and this, without having to uninstall the software nor to restart the computer.

I know that this will not last and that, in a few days, a new version will hide the keys to be deleted under another name (for example XYZ) but, while if it can help some users of this freeware (moreover good enough) who, like me, had forgotten their password.