Wise Folder Hider Free - Reset password

After fixing this trick works with the Free version of Wise Folder Hider and, surprise, also with the version

There are things that should not be done by a prestigious Chinese company creating free and paid softwares such as Wise Registry Cleaner or Wise Care 365 : first, to propose a freeware called Wise Folder Hider, that serves to hide files or folders by means of a password, and then to force those who have forgotten the password either to do without the software and lose their hidden files or to buy the paid version of the software that costs a certain price.
A freeware is a freeware and it must be able to be reinstalled without having to pay

As the paid version offers an additional function (the encryption) it is imperative that the developers of the software offers a solution to be able to reinstall the free version.

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In the meantime, even if I'm not a computer specialist, irritated by such behavior, close to the forced sale, I addressed the issue and here is what I found even if it is a bit tedious.

It is necessary, first of all, to uninstall the software for example with Wise Program Uninstaller by using "Force Uninstall" because otherwise the program asks before uninstall to restore the hidden files, which is impossible when one does not have the password.

Then you have to use Regedit (key Windows + R and type "regedit") and do 2 searches:

You must first find all the keys - Values - Data - (Edit / Find) containing the term WFH (Wise Folder Hider) and delete them (for example WFHPro). Be careful, however, not to delete several InprocServer32 and WindowsFirewallHelperClass keys that have nothing to do with this software but that contain the name WFH

Then you have to look for all the keys containing the term Wise folder and delete them. Delete also, when you get there, the Multi-line strings value in UFH (SHC) key (with software restart informations) in HKEY_USERS.

After this, restart the computer and reinstall the software and the result of this is that instead of having to type a password at the opening, it is now proposed to create a new password and you will find again with joy , inside the software, your hidden files or hidden folders.

It may not last but if, in the meantime, it can help you and also convince the software developers to change their attitude, why not.